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Configuring Intel Anti-Theft

Symantec recommends you to configure the Intel Anti-Theft feature as soon as you buy your computer. By configuring Intel Anti-Theft, you can secure your critical information and personal data stored on your computer.

Activate Intel Anti-Theft before you configure the disable timer and the user password.

You have the following settings to configure:

  • Disable Timer: The time duration for your computer to remain disconnected from the Internet. If your computer did not connect to the Internet for the configured time, the computer gets disabled automatically.

  • Password: The password that you entered when you activated Intel Anti-Theft.

To configure Intel Anti-Theft

  1. Open your Web browser, and go to the following URL: http://antitheft.norton.com.

  2. In the Norton Anti-Theft page, click Sign In Here.

  3. In the window that appears, enter your Norton Account credentials to sign in to your account.

  4. In the left pane, under My Devices, click the name of the computer.

  5. Click the Intel Anti-Theft icon available next to the computer name.

  6. In the page that appears, click Configure.

  7. In the page that appears, in the Disable Timer section, check the Enable Timer option.

  8. Under the Enable Timer option, move the slider to set the number of days.

  9. The Password text box contains the user password that you entered when you activated Intel Anti-Theft.

  10. Click Save.

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Last modified: 04/25/2013