Install Products button is grayed out for my Mac system under My Devices when I sign in to the Norton One website with Norton Internet Security 5 for Mac installed on it

To fix this problem, remove your Mac system from the list of devices from your Norton One account and add it again.


Remove your device from Norton One account

  1. Go to the Norton One website to remove your device.

  2. Click Sign In.

  3. Sign in to Norton with your email address and password.

  4. Under My Devices, next to the icon for your Mac system, click the trash icon to remove the device.

  5. Click OK to confirm.

    A message is displayed on your Mac system informing you about the removal of the device from your Norton One account. Click OK.


Add your device to Norton One account

  1. From your Mac system that you want to add to your Norton One account, go to the Norton One website.

  2. On the My Devices tab, under Installs Remaining, click Add Device.

  3. Click Setup Now.

    Norton One Installer download starts. Wait for the download to complete.

  4. Double-click the Norton One Installer file that you downloaded.

  5. Click Open to confirm.

  6. Type your administrator password and click OK.

  7. When the installation finishes, in the Name your Mac window, type a name, and then click Next.

  8. In the Setup Norton One window, type in your email address that you have registered with your Norton One subscription, and then click Next.

  9. Type in your password, and then click Next.

    Your Mac system is now added to your Norton One account.

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DOCID: v74756250_EndUserProfile_en_us
Operating System: Mac OS X
Last modified: 09/09/2015