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Norton Studio is a Windows Store app. Norton Studio lets you view and manage the current security statuses of your Norton products that are installed on your devices. You need to install Norton Studio from the Windows Store. To use Norton Studio, you need to register your Norton product with your Norton account. Norton products include Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus, Norton Mobile Security, Norton Security, and Norton Security with Backup. Your device must be connected to the Internet to use Norton Studio. If you do not have a Norton account, you can create an account by using Norton Studio or by accessing the following URL:


Norton Studio and the devices that you want to manage using it should be associated with the same Norton account.

Norton Studio app is not available on devices with ARM processors.

Remote Management settings control the way Norton Studio monitors your devices. For more information about your Norton product's Remote Management settings, verify the following table.

If you use 20.0 or later versions of Norton product

If you use Norton product versions older than 20.0

Remote Management

  • Remote Management option is automatically turned on only if you have registered your Norton product with the Norton account.

Remote Management option is not available.

Norton agent

Norton agent on the device is not required.

You need to install the Norton agent on your device to know the security status of your device in Norton Studio.

The Norton agent should be associated with the same Norton account as the one Norton Studio is logged in with.

The following table shows you the compatibility between the product and the operating system:

Product Version

Operating System Version

Norton Studio 1.3

Windows 8

Norton Studio 1.4/1.5

Windows 8.1 or later

The following Norton Studio tile options are available on the Windows Start screen:

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Wide

  • Large (This option is available only on Windows 8.1 or later)

Norton Studio lists all of the devices that are associated with your Norton account in the main window. The devices can be a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet. You can view the security status of each of your devices and fix the security issues. Depending on the security status of your devices, Norton Studio shows your device status as Secure, Security Warning, Fixing, or At Risk. When your device encounters a security issue, Norton Studio displays a red bar with a cross (x) next to the device. You can use the Fix NOW option in Norton Studio to resolve most of the security threats on your device. After you fix the security issues successfully, the red bar with a cross (x) icon changes to green bar with a check mark.

If your Norton product subscription is about to expire or expired, Norton Studio tile alerts you with a notification on the Windows Start screen.

For each of your devices, Norton Studio lists certain security statistics of the Norton product for the last 30 days. The details include the timestamp of the last scan and the last update. You can also view the number of threats that are detected on your device, network, and web. When your Norton product detects such threats, Norton Studio displays the number of threats that are detected in its main window. You can also view the subscription status of the Norton products that are installed on each of your devices. You can use the Renew option to renew your subscription.

From Norton Studio, you can access other Norton products. You may need to scroll right or left in the Norton Studio main window to select a specific Norton product. To access a Norton product, click anywhere on the product tile.

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Installing Norton Studio

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