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Norton account - Account Settings page

The Account Settings page lets you access information related to your Norton account.

You can do the following:

  • View and change the subscription settings

  • Turn off or turn on Automatic Renewal

  • View and update personal information such as your name, email address, and phone number

  • Change your Norton account password

  • Set up two factor authentication for your Norton account

  • View and update billing information such as billing address, payment method, and bank details

  • Set your communication preferences

  • View the order history and order summary of all Norton services that you purchased

You can access the following sections in the Account Settings page:

My Subscription

Lets you view the list of all Norton services that are registered to your Norton account and change the automatic renewal settings.

You can use the ON/OFF switch available next to Automatic Renewal to turn off or turn on Automatic Renewal for your Norton subscriptions.

Symantec recommends that you keep the Automatic Renewal service turned on. If your Norton subscription includes Norton Virus Protection Promise and you turn off the Norton Automatic Renewal service, you will no longer receive Norton Virus Protection Promise and other benefits associated with it.

You can set automatic renewal options for your Norton subscription. This service provides continued updates and protection year after year for the users who select Norton Automatic Renewal Service. For information on Automatic Renewal, About Norton Automatic Renewal service

Personal Information

Lets you view and update your account information.

You can update your registered email address, your Norton account password, and your name and address. In addition, you can set email preferences and choose to set up two factor authentication to secure your Norton account.

For information on two factor authentication, see Two factor authentication for Norton account.

Communication Preferences

Lets you set LifeLock-specific contact preferences.

The Communication Preferences tab is visible only if your entitlement includes LifeLock services.

You can change your communication email address, phone number, and text message preferences.

Billing Information

Lets you view and change your billing information.

You can view and change your billing address and payment options such as credit card details, debit card details, and online banking details.

Order History

Lets you view your order history of your Norton purchase.

For each Norton service that you purchased, you can view the order date, order number, and the current status of the order. You can click the order number to view the complete order summary and print invoice.

You can also choose to cancel an order or save an online order that you placed. If you have not confirmed your order, the order details appear in the My Subscription page. After you confirm the order, the order appears in the order history.

If you see the message Your Norton order requires attention when you sign in to your Norton account, you may have to perform additional tasks. Learn more.

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