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Norton account password was changed without request

If you have received a notification that your Norton account password has been changed but the change was not authorized, immediately reset your password, and contact Norton Support.

Reset your Norton account password

  1. Go to the Norton account Forgot Your Password page.

  2. Type in the email address that you used to purchase or create your Norton account.

  3. Click Continue.

  4. You will receive an email with password reset instructions.

    The message comes from norton@symantec.com.

Contact Norton Support

  • To help make sure that your account is secure and the information is correct, we need to collect some details to look into this further. Contact Norton Support to submit more information on this issue.

    Norton account related emails typically come from norton@symantec.com, and have links that point to Norton.com or Symantec.com pages. If you think that the email may not be legitimate, avoid clicking the links in the email and only follow the instructions mentioned in this document.

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Operating System: Android, Mac OS X, Windows
Last modified: 09/04/2017