You have Norton 360 Multi-Device and want to download Norton on your device

Norton 360 Multi-Device entitles you to use a suite of products to protect your PC, Mac, or Android device. This document helps you in:

  • Installing Norton 360 Multi-Device for the first time after you purchase from Norton Online Store

  • Reinstalling Norton 360 Multi-Device

  • Installing Norton 360 Multi-Device on additional devices

You can download your Norton product from your Norton account for installing or reinstalling it on your device. A Norton account is created for you when you purchase from Norton Online Store, or register Norton during the installation. For assistance in downloading the products which have not been registered to your Norton account, read I cannot find my Norton product in my account.

Select the platform that you want to install your Norton 360 Multi-Device product on

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Operating System: Android, Mac OS X, Windows
Last modified: 09/05/2017