How to use Norton Bootable Recovery Tool?


  • Norton Bootable Recovery Tool is a Rescue tool that is available for free to everyone. You can use this tool to restore your computer to normal working mode when it is infected so deeply that it will not start. Norton Bootable Recovery Tool (NBRT) can also be used to scan and remediate threats should you face difficulty in installing or running Norton products due to a virus infection in your computer. You have to download the ISO image and create a bootable DVD or USB rescue media.


    • Repair virus infections that are causing Norton product installation or launch failure:

      Installation of your Norton security product fails because your system is deeply infected by crimeware. In this event, Norton Bootable Recovery Tool comes to your rescue by letting you boot your computer from a DVD or a USB device and thereby letting you remove the threats that caused the problem.

    • Repair infected system files that cannot be removed in Windows environment:

      Norton Bootable Recovery Tool helps you fix your most dreadful computer problems, such as when crimeware embeds itself so deeply into your computer's operating system that it takes a special tool to remove it.

    • Support for USB device:

      You can create a bootable tool even on a USB device. When you try to create a bootable USB device, all the information present on it is wiped out. The pre-requisite for using the tool from USB device, is that the boot sequence be set to USB device from the BIOS settings of the computer.

      The USB device must have a minimum free space of 1 GB to create the rescue media.

      The option to run a Norton Power Eraser scan is currently not available in this version of the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.

Download the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

    Download the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool ISO file on a computer that is not infected.

  1. Go to the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool page.

  2. Click Download.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and save the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool ISO file on your computer.

  4. Create the bootable DVD or USB recovery media with the downloaded ISO file.

Run a scan using Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

  1. Insert the recovery media (Norton Bootable Recovery Tool DVD or USB device) and then turn on or restart your computer.

  2. Enter the BIOS mode by pressing the key that appears on the screen immediately after your computer restarts.

  3. Select the DVD or the USB drive on which you created Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, and then press Enter.

    If you use a UEFI-enabled computer, select the recovery media under the Legacy Boot option instead of the UEFI Boot option. The recovery media is the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool DVD or USB drive.

  4. The Norton Bootable Recovery Tool starts automatically after the countdown.

    If the boot menu appears, in the Welcome to NBRT page, select Boot.

    If the boot fails, select Boot (Basic Video).

  5. In the Select Language drop-down list, select your preferred language, and click OK.

  6. Read the license agreement, and then click Agree.

  7. Click Start Scan.

  8. In the Scan Completed window, review the scan results.

    By default, all detected threats have a selected remediation action. You can also select the appropriate action for each of the threats.

    Review the scan results carefully before resolving the threats, because the files that are removed cannot be restored.

  9. Click Fix.

  10. In the Confirmation window, click OK.

  11. In the Remediation window, click Continue.

  12. Click Reboot.


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