About monitoring applications

Norton Family helps you monitor the applications that your child installs or uninstalls on the Android devices. You must turn on App Supervision to monitor the applications that your child uses. You can also block the applications that you think are inappropriate for your child to use. When you block an application, your child cannot use the application from the Android devices.

The application activities are indicated as follows:


Indicates the application name.


Indicates the application title or source.

For example, if your child has downloaded the application from a specific website, the URL of the website is displayed.


Indicates the application category.

For example, if the application installed is a social networking application, the category is Social Networking.


Indicates the time at which any application activities occurred.

For example, the installation time of an application.

For Android devices, the App monitoring feature is available only in Norton Family Premier.

Blocking or Allowing Apps

Turning on or turning off App supervision

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Last modified: 10/15/2015