Blocking messaging with an existing mobile friend

Message supervision is a Premier feature and is available only for Android devices. To monitor and manage the messaging of your child, you need to turn on Messaging supervision.

You can block all the messaging between your child and a specific friend listed in the mobile friend or contacts list. When you block messaging with a friend, your child cannot send or receive any messages with that friend.

If your child wants to send a message to a blocked mobile friend, the child can request your permission. Norton Family notifies you about this request in an email message. You can take appropriate action based on the request.

To block messaging with an existing mobile friend using Norton Family website

  1. Sign in to Norton Family.

  2. Click House Rules.

  3. Click the picture icon of the child.

  4. On the left pane, click Messaging.

  5. Under Messaging rights for child, click Mobile Friend list to view all the mobile friends of your child.

    The Mobile Friend list displays all the mobile friends that your child had communicated with.

  6. Under Blocked category, click the option button that corresponds to the mobile friend.

  7. Click Save.

To block messaging with an existing mobile friend using Android device

  1. Sign in to Norton Family app in Parent mode.

  2. Tap the child whom you want to manage.

  3. Go to the RULES tab.

  4. Under Activities, tap Message supervision.

  5. In the Message supervision window, under CONTACTS, tap the contact you want to block.

  6. In the window that appears, tap Blocked.

  7. Tap OK.

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