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Compatibility of Norton with Windows Insider Preview versions or Beta versions of macOS

An Insider Preview or Beta release of an operating system is designed for user testing, but is not yet a final version. Due to the frequent changes made to an Insider Preview or Beta release, we cannot guarantee any level of functionality for any of our products with Windows Insider Preview versions or Beta versions of macOS.

We do not recommend installing Norton on a Windows Insider Preview version or Beta version of macOS at any time during the preview phase. The Insider Preview or Beta versions of operating systems undergo various changes before the final release. If Norton is not compatible with those changes, you may see errors on restart or you may not be able to start your computer at all

Also, we do not provide support for Norton that is installed on any Insider Preview or Beta operating system and applications. Since Insider Preview and Beta versions continue to change, we do not officially support it as an operating system until after its final release for resale.

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DOCID: v71210910_EndUserProfile_en_us
Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X
Last modified: 09/10/2017