Make sure that the Norton email you receive is legitimate

We use email or direct mail to keep you informed about the latest offers, announcements and, products updates from Norton. This document describes the different emails or direct mails that we send which helps you to verify if the email or mails that you received is from Norton or not.

This is intended as guidance only, and the information about these emails or direct mails from Norton may change at any time. It is possible that an email or mail sent by Norton or other Symantec brands may not have all the features described in this document. It is also possible that an email or mail contains all the features described here, but not be from Norton.

Norton Affiliates may also send emails or mails for offers of Norton products. These may contain trademarked Norton images, but Norton customer information is not used to send these emails or mails and they are not sent by Norton. You should never provide personal or confidential information to a sender or webpage you do not know or trust.

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Last modified: 09/01/2017