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Running Norton Power Eraser from the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

If you are an existing customer, you may also access Norton Power Eraser by creating bootable media containing the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool. The benefit of running NPE in this fashion is that the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool environment enables Norton Power Eraser run outside of Microsoft Windows, which may be your only option if your computer won't boot into Windows and otherwise may improve malware removal results.

For detailed instructions on downloading and creating Norton Bootable Recovery Tool media, read Norton Bootable Recovery Tool.


Download Norton Power Eraser

  1. Start your computer from the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool CD or the USB key.

  2. Read the license agreement, type your Norton product key, and then click I Agree.

  3. Click Norton Power Eraser Recovery Scan.

    Latest version of Norton Power Eraser is downloaded. Wait for the download to complete.

    Your computer must be connected to the Internet to download the Norton Power Eraser tool.

  4. When the download finishes, Norton Power Eraser starts automatically.


Run a Scan

  1. Read the license agreement, and then click Accept.

  2. Click the Scan for Risks icon.

  3. Select the operating system to scan.

  4. Wait for the scan to complete.

  5. When Norton Power Eraser completes the scan, it displays the scan results. The items that Norton Power Eraser considers as risks, display status as Bad with recommended action as Remove or Repair. The items that require further review display the status as Unknown.

  6. Depending on your situation, do one of the following:

    • If you see No Risks Found, Norton Power Eraser did not detect any risks on your computer, click OK to exit.

    • If you see any files that are listed as Bad, the Remove check box under Action is automatically selected. It is recommended to remove these files.

    • If you see any files that are listed as Unknown, for each of these files, click the cloud icon next to it. The file is sent to a Symantec server and scanned using the traditional signature-based detection engines.

      • If the Cloud Scan result shows Bad for any file, click the Remove check box.

      • If the Cloud Scan result shows Unknown, do not click the Remove check box. The file may not be a threat, and needs further analysis.

  7. Click Fix Now.

  8. After successful removal of the risk, click Done.

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Last modified: 10/11/2013