Solutions to the backup problems

The following table provides some tips to help you avoid backup problems.

All backups

The following tips apply to all backups:

  • Perform backups regularly. The more often you back up, the less chance there is that you can lose important information. An automatic backup schedule is recommended, since that tends to back up those files that have most recently changed. A scheduled weekly backup is a good second choice.

  • If you use automatic backups, leave your PC turned on when not in use. Automatic backups take place when your PC is turned on but not in use.

  • Regularly check the backup results that your Norton product provides to ensure that all of the files that should be backed up are backed up.

Backing up to external drives, including flash drives

The following tips apply to backups to external drives:

  • Some drives use older Windows file systems, such as FAT-16 or FAT-32 that cannot store files larger than 4 GB. For such large files to back up, ensure that your backup drive is formatted with a file system that supports large files, such as NTFS.

  • If you use automatic or scheduled backups, make sure that the external drives are connected and turned on.

  • To avoid accidentally corrupting your backed up files, do not use a backup drive for purposes other than for backing up.

Backing up to your Secure Cloud Storage

The following tips apply to backups to cloud storage:

  • Make sure that your PC does not automatically disconnect from the Internet when it is not in use.

  • Regularly check the amount of space that you have left in your Secure Cloud Storage, and consider purchasing more storage space before you need it.

  • Online backups work best with a fast Internet connection. If your backups take too long, consider backing up only the files that you regularly work. Then periodically back up to external drives to back up your larger, seldom-used files.

  • If you back up more than one PC to your cloud storage, give each PC a different nickname. Giving a different nickname to each PC helps you identify the PC and the backups that corresponds to each PC.

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