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One of the most important ways to protect the valuable information on your PC is to back up your files regularly. In case you lose your data, Norton lets you restore them later. For example, you accidentally erase an important file or your PC has a hardware malfunction that destroys some files. In this case, you can restore your lost files from your backup.

You can also use backup to keep your PC's permanent disk from becoming filled with old and seldom-used files. After you have backed up such files, you can remove them from your PC and restore them later if you need to use them again.

Norton lets you to conveniently back up your files to any media that Windows recognizes as a storage drive. The backup destination may include external drive, network storage folders, iPod, flash drive, cameras, smartphones, or a host of other devices.

For any file that you have backed up, Norton lets you view the status through the icon overlays and the Backup tab in Properties page. The icon overlays on a file show the backup status of your protected files. You can view details such as the last backup time of each backup set in the Backup tab of the file Properties page. You can turn off these options if you do not want to view these icon overlays and the Backup details.

Norton also provides a safe and a private cloud storage environment to which you can back up your files. The cloud storage location is different from the location where you normally store files in your PC. Disasters that damage or destroy your PC cannot harm your backups because they are stored in a different location. In addition, when you use Norton online backup, you can restore your files from any computer at any time. Norton must be installed in the PC to access your Norton account.

No matter which backup method you choose, you can always add or remove items from the set of files that you select to back up. You can add or remove an individual file from the backup sets by using the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click a file.

Read the article to know the importance of backing up your data.

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Last modified: 03/14/2018