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Norton offers total protection of your PC that includes antivirus and spyware protection, online identity theft protection, backup, and performance tune-up capabilities. It provides complete protection against a wide range of threats, leaving you free to work and play confidently on your PC.

After you install Norton, you do not have to do anything else to be protected. However, Norton also lets you customize your firewall settings or adware protection, or set your own schedule for automatic activities.

Norton is grouped into the following four categories of protection:


Blocks and removes viruses and spyware from email and downloaded sites, protects against emerging threats, scans, cleans email attachments, and secures connections and data transmission between your computer and the Internet.


Helps to guard against identity theft, verifies authenticity of websites.


Backs up all your important files and data to a variety of storage locations.


Finds and fixes common computer problems, cleans up unwanted cookies and files, and defragments the hard disk to optimize PC performance.

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