Efficient optimization

Norton automatically optimizes the permanent disk in your computer as necessary and does not require you to take any action to accomplish that task. You can, however, adopt some practices that help Norton perform automatic optimization more efficiently.

The following practices can help make automatic optimization more efficient:

Occasionally leave your computer turned on when you do not use the computer

Norton performs disk optimization when your computer is idle. If you turn off your computer whenever you finish your work, Norton cannot perform automatic optimization. If you turn off your computer during optimization, Norton restarts the optimization process when you turn on your computer again.

Set a schedule for optimization

Norton automatically optimizes the hard disk as needed. You can also set a schedule for optimization.

Remove the large files that you no longer need

Large files are often more fragmented than the smaller files. These fragmented files affect the performance of your computer.

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Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 12/13/2016