Clean up disk clutter

Over time, the permanent disk in your computer can accumulate many temporary and unneeded files. Eventually, these files can significantly reduce the available disk storage space and affect the performance of your computer. Norton automatically cleans up accumulated disk clutter.

The temporary files that clutter your computer can come from the following sources:

Software installations

When you install software on your computer, the installation process creates temporary files as part of the installation process. In some cases, the installer might not clean up these temporary files when the installation finishes.

Web browsing

When you browse a website, your browser downloads the text and graphics that comprise the contents of the page. When you finish viewing the page, the browser can leave the downloaded contents on your computer. The downloaded contents help to display the website more quickly if you view the page again. These browser files accumulate over time.

Program errors

During normal operation, some programs create temporary files to improve efficiency while you work. If a program ends unexpectedly because of a software error, those temporary files can be left behind.

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Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 12/13/2016