About the Norton product icon

When you install the Norton product, it places an icon in the notification area at the far right of the taskbar. This icon indicates the current security status of your computer. The Norton product displays an animated icon when it actively fixes any issues or wants to inform you about any warning or urgent issues.

You can see the following representations of the Norton product icon in the notification area:

Icon with a green check mark badge

Represents that your computer is fully protected.

Icon with an orange exclamation mark badge

Represents that there are some issues against your computer protection that require your attention.

Icon with a red cross mark badge

Represents that there are some urgent issues against your computer protection that require immediate resolution.

Icon with gray outer circle

Represents that the Silent Mode feature is turned on.

This icon also displays the current protection status badge.

You can right-click the icon to see a shortcut menu for the Norton product. You can choose items on the shortcut menu to open the main window, to fix any issues that the Norton product detects, or to get additional help.

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DOCID: v6943858_ns_retail_en_us
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 06/19/2017