Check your Norton Online Store order status

Check the status of your Norton Online Store order

  1. Sign In to Norton to view your order.

    If prompted, select Confirm Order. For more information, read I see the message "Please confirm your purchase" when I sign in to my Norton account.

  2. Click an order to view the details. Common order statuses and their meanings:

    • Closed - Your payment has been received and your order is complete. You can either download your product, your subscription has been updated, or your renewal code has been provided.

    • Refunded - Your order has been refunded.

    • Canceled - Your order has been canceled and your credit card has not been charged.

  3. If your order is not visible in your Norton account, for more information on your order processing time, read Ordering a product or subscription from Norton Online Store using Online Banking or Wire Transfer

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Last modified: 09/04/2017