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Message: "Norton product can't be installed on this disk. This drive has security software installed that is incompatible..." on Mac

You cannot install a Norton product on your Mac if you already have another security product installed on it. Uninstall the security product that is currently installed on the drive and then install your Norton product.

If the problem persists, run the RemoveCompetitiveProducts tool to uninstall other security software.

Run the RemoveCompetitiveProducts tool

  1. Download the RemoveCompetitiveProducts tool.

  2. When the download finishes, double-click the file to expand it.

    If you see a prompt that the tool is from an unidentified developer, click OK to continue.

  3. On the Apple menu bar, click Go > Utilities.

  4. In the Utilities window, double-click Terminal.

  5. In the Terminal window, drag and drop the RemoveCompetitiveProducts.command file that you downloaded and extracted in line 2.

  6. Type your administrator password to authenticate, and then press return.

    When the tool finishes removing the third-party security software and its remnants, it displays the message "Competitive Products of Norton removed successfully".

  7. Exit all programs and restart your Mac.

    After you restart your Mac, reinstall your Norton product.

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DOCID: v64135733_EndUserProfile_en_us
Operating System: Mac OS X
Last modified: 11/15/2018