Message: "Revoked Product Key: Your product key has been canceled and is no longer valid"

Your product key was reported as stolen, and Symantec has taken steps to prevent further use of this key. This measure is to prevent illegitimate use of our products and to deter or stop criminals from distributing fraudulently obtained product keys.

Be aware that the product keys that have been stolen or fraudulently obtained typically end up for sale on unauthorized third-party websites and auction sites that offer them as legitimate, when in fact they are not. If you purchased your product key from this type of seller, you may consider contacting the seller directly to resolve this issue.

If you want to use or continue using a Norton product, purchase a valid Norton product subscription from Norton Online Store or other authorized retailer.

Alternatively, if you purchased your product directly from Symantec or an authorized reseller, contact Norton Support with your product key and order information for assistance.

Thank you!

Thank you for using Norton Support.

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Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 09/04/2017