Viewing your Card data

You can create cards using your Norton products supporting Identity Safe, to store information, such as personal details, contact details, and credit card details. You can provide a card name to help you identify a specific card. Using Norton Identity Safe Web site, you can remotely access your credit card details stored in your cloud vault.

You can view the following categories in the card that you have created:


You can view details, such as card name, name, gender, and date of birth.


You can view your contact information on this tab. Contact information includes your email address, postal address, and phone numbers.

Credit Card

You can view the credit card details on this tab. You can view the standard credit card details such as the type of the card, expiration details, and card number.

By default your card's essential details, such as Security Code (CCV) and Card number are hidden. To view/hide your card's essential details, click Show Details/Hide Details

This Card is locked

Lets you unlock a card that is password protected.

Identity Safe provides additional security for your Cards. You cannot view the summary of a login unless you provide the password, and select unlock.

This option appears only if you select the Password Protect option when you create a new card. You should use this option to make your card details more secure.

For security reasons, Symantec does not recommend user to use Copy card number to clipboard option.

To view your Identity cards from Norton Identity Safe

  1. Open your Web browser, and go to:

  2. Click Sign In.

  3. In the Please sign in window, type your email address and password that you use for Norton Account.

  4. If you want Norton Identity Safe to remember your email address every time when you log on, check Remember me on this computer.

  5. Click Sign In.

  6. In the Login to your vault window, in the Password box, type your Identity Safe cloud vault password to log in on to your cloud vault.

  7. Click Login.

  8. In the Norton Identity Safe main page, under Cards, you can view your saved Identity Cards.

    You need to provide your cloud vault password for validating cards that are password protected.

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Last modified: 09/28/2015