Purchase additional key for Norton

Did You Know? Many subscription plans allow you to extend your Norton protection to multiple devices at no additional cost.

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Some Norton products may be installed on more than one computer at a time. Sign in to your Norton account to find if you have any installations left on your current Norton product. If you do not have any remaining activations, you can purchase a new key to install your Norton product on other computers.

If you have received your Norton product from your service provider, you can transfer the license to a new computer or purchase a new license. Read, How to transfer a license or cancel a duplicate license for the Norton product purchased from a service provider.

Find the available installs for your Norton product

  1. Sign In to Norton to view your license information.

  2. In the Subscriptions page, select your Norton product.

  3. Review the number of seats available for installation. Do one of the following depending on your situation:

    • If you have one or more available installs, sign in to your Norton account from the computer you want to install this Norton product, and click Download.

    • If you do not have any available installs, remove license from an unused computer. Read I see a message that says 'No license available'

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your product purchase or download.

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