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When you create a Norton Account, you can manage all of your Norton products in one place. You can store your product keys in your Norton Account and also buy additional product keys. You can also register your product with the Norton Account. It takes only a few moments to create your Norton Account. You must be connected to the Internet to create a Norton Account.

After you create a Norton Account, you can access and manage your account information and product information from anywhere.

It helps to reinstall your products and download the latest version of the products. If you install your product on more than one PC, you can use the same Norton Account.

To access your Norton Account, go to the following URL: https://account.norton.com

You can create a Norton Account in the following ways:

  • During activation

    You can create your Norton Account and register your product from the Norton Account window that appears when you activate the product. You must provide your account information in the Norton Account window that appears.

  • Any time after activation

    If you skip the Norton Account window during activation, you can create a Norton Account any time after activation. You can create your Norton Account and register your product from the Account link that appears at the top of the Endpoint Protection main window.

After you log in to your Norton Account, you can manage your product information with the following options:


Saves the information for all of the Norton products that you own.

The Products tab provides you the information about the Norton products that you own and the expiration date. You can click the arrow icon against a product for more information such as product key and the registration date.

You can also buy a new product key to protect additional computers. You can use the Update option to check and download the latest product version using Norton Update Center.

Order History

Contains order information of the Norton products you bought from Norton online store.


Saves your account information and your billing details.

The Profile options are:

  • Account Information

    You can update your Norton Account information and your shipping address on the Account Information tab. After you update, click Update to save the changes.

  • Billing Information

    You can save your credit card information and your billing address on the Billing Information tab. It makes it easier for saving online orders. After you update, click Update to save the changes.

  • Change Password

    You can change your current Norton Account password on the Change Password tab.

You can use the icons at the bottom of your Norton Account Web page to access and use the following:

Norton Online Family

Norton Online Family monitors and manages your child's Internet activities and computer usage.

Norton Online Backup

Norton Online Backup provides a secure and easy-to-use online backup solution that safeguards your important data against system crash, accidental deleting, virus infection, and other disasters.

Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web checks the safety of a Web site and lets you perform a safe Web search.


The Symantec Web site provides more information about the various products of Symantec, the latest updates on Internet security, and various support options.

Norton Update Center

Norton Update Center checks and lets you download the latest version of your Norton product.

If you forget your Norton Account password, you can get a temporary password by clicking the Forgot your password link in the Norton Account sign-in Web page. You need to provide your email address. You need to use the same email address that you provided when you created your Norton Account. Symantec sends a temporary password to your email address. You can use the temporary password for a limited time period. You must reset your password after you log in to your Norton Account.

Creating a Norton Account

Accessing your Norton Account

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