Disabling the auto-renewal option

When you subscribe for the Norton Family Premier service and did not specifically opt out of this service at the time of purchase, you are automatically enrolled for the Norton Automatic Renewal service. By enrolling for this service, you authorize Symantec to automatically renew the Norton Family Premier subscription before your current subscription expires.

If you do not want to continue your Norton Family Premier service when the current subscription expires, you can disable the auto-renewal option.

If you disable the auto-renewal option, you need to manually renew your Premier subscription to continue using your Premier features. The service alerts you when your subscription is about to expire.

To disable the auto-renewal option using Norton Family website

  1. Log on to Norton Family.

  2. At the top of the page, click Configure Family.

  3. On the Configure Family page, under Parents section, click your profile.

  4. In the Profile Settings page, click My Subscription.

  5. Next to Auto-Renewal, move the On/Off switch to the right to the Off position.

  6. Click Save.

To disable the auto-renewal option from your Norton Account

  1. Log on to Norton Management.

  2. Click My Account and then click Automatic Renewal and Subscriptions.

  3. On the Norton Family row, move the On/Off switch to the left to the Off position.

  4. Click UPDATE.

Unsubscribing from your Norton Family Premier service

Registering for Norton Family

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