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Norton product compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 (code-named Lion)

What is the launch date for Mac OS® X 10.7 (code-named Lion™)?

  • Mac® OS X 10.7. (code-named Lion™) is released on July 20, 2011 and is available now.

Will Norton products be compatible with Mac OS X 10.7?

Which Norton products are currently compatible with Mac OS X 10.7?

  • Following Norton products are compatible with Mac OS X 10.7:

    • Norton Internet Security 5 for Mac

    • Norton AntiVirus 12 for Mac

    • Norton ConnectSafe

    • Norton Family

    • Norton Online Backup

      When you restore files from Norton Online Backup to your Mac computer with OS X 10.7, the files are restored to a disk image at the following location: /Users/Shared/Restored Files/

What does Mac OS X 10.7 bring for me?

  • Mac OS X 10.7 delivers over 250 new features and enhancements to improve performance. Please visit Apple's Mac OS X Lion page for more information.

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