How to undo past repair sessions using Norton Power Eraser

You can undo repair the sessions that were performed by Norton Power Eraser scans in the past.

Undo past repair sessions

  1. Start Norton Power Eraser.

  2. Read the license agreement, and click Accept.

  3. In the Norton Power Eraser window, click Undo Previous Fix icon.

  4. To find more information about a past repair session, click View next to it.

    From the Previous Repair Sessions list, select the repair session that you want to undo, and click Next.

  5. To restore the items that were removed in the selected session, click Undo.

    All the items from the selected repair session are restored, including threats. If you want to remove some of the newly restored files, run a scan and select only those files for removal.

  6. Click Restart Now to complete the restore.

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Last modified: 01/09/2015