pcAnywhere and proxy servers

The ability of pcAnywhere to access a host through a proxy is totally dependent on the configuration of the proxy server. pcAnywhere Technical Support cannot assist in configuring any proxy server to allow pcAnywhere connections. You must contact the vendor of the proxy software for that information.

A pcAnywhere remote can only reach the IP address of the proxy server itself. It has no knowledge of the address of any pcAnywhere host waiting behind the proxy. The remote's ability to connect to a pcAnywhere host waiting behind the proxy server is totally dependent on the design and correct configuration of the proxy server itself. When configuring a proxy server, you will need to know what the pcAnywhere Data and Status port numbers are and whether or not pcAnywhere is using UDP packets. This information is as follows:

For more information about these settings, refer to the following documents:

pcAnywhere IP port usage

pcAnywhere and Network Address Translation

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