Norton Phishing Protection

Phishing Protection protects you from visiting unsafe websites. When Phishing Protection is turned on, the Antiphishing component analyzes the security level of the websites that you visit. Antiphishing also blocks navigation to the websites that are confirmed to be fraudulent.

The Norton Site Safety indicator in the web browser lets you know if the website that you visit is safe.

This option is not available on the latest version of your Norton product.

The Norton browser extensions get added to your web browsers when you launch the Firefox, Safari, or Chrome browser for the first time after you install your Norton product. For more information on the Norton browser extensions, see Norton Browser Protection extensions.

The Norton Site Safety indicator displays all Norton Authenticated webpages as Norton Secured. Website hackers often mimic company websites to create fraudulent websites. Your Norton product identifies these fraudulent websites. The authenticated websites are categorized as Site Approved websites. These websites usually belong to large financial institutions or shopping websites, with the pages that request personal information.

Symantec analyzes the pages of these websites and verifies if they belong to the company that it represents. You can be confident that the information that you provide goes to the company with which you want to do business.

If you think that the Symantec security status rating is incorrect, you can report the website to Symantec for re-evaluation. For example, you may visit a website that you shop with regularly, and Phishing Protection rates the website as unsafe. You can report the website to Symantec for re-evaluation.

You can select the Submit full URL when a suspicious website is detected option in the Safe Web window to submit the full URL of the suspicious website to Symantec.

Even when you disable the Enable Norton Phishing Protection option, your Norton product protects you from Internet threats through its Norton Safe Web feature. But you cannot submit the evaluation of the webpage to Symantec.

The Norton Phishing Protection feature is supported on Firefox, Safari, and Chrome web browsers.

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