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Norton Anti-Theft website uses the Norton Anti-Theft agent that is installed on your device to track the device when it is lost or stolen. When you lock your device, Norton Anti-Theft monitors your device location every five minutes and provides the location details of your device. You can view the location details of your device in this page. Norton Anti-Theft provides the geographical location of your device on a map. You can also view the location of your device on the map using the Satellite view.

The following options are available in this page:

Edit device icon

Lets you edit your device name.

You can change the display name of your device at any time. The display name helps you identify your devices on the Norton Anti-Theft website.

The device name must be between 4 and 40 characters and should not include the following special characters: ^[<>~^*&!@#?%$\\/()'.,{}|]*$

Remove device icon

Lets you remove your device from Norton Anti-Theft.

When you remove a device from the Norton Anti-Theft website, the Norton Anti-Theft agent is not uninstalled from the device. If you want to remove the Norton Anti-Theft agent from your device, you must manually uninstall the agent. However, your product key is not deactivated. When you remove a device from Norton Anti-Theft, the device name on the Norton Anti-Theft website is removed. All the details of that device such as tracked location and captured pictures are permanently removed and cannot be retrieved.

Lock Device

Lets you lock or disable your device. When you lock your device, Norton Anti-Theft changes your device status to lost mode.

The Disable Device option is available only with the computers that have Intel Anti-theft chipset.

When you lock a device, Norton Anti-Theft prompts you to create an unlock code. You can use the unlock code on your device to unlock it or sign in to the Norton Anti-Theft website to unlock the device. Unlocking your device from Norton Anti-Theft website does not require the unlock code. Norton Anti-Theft also lets you create a personal message that is displayed on your device's screen. For example, you can provide a warning message that this device is stolen.

Unlock code is case-sensitive and should be alpha-numeric. It must be from 4 through 20 characters in length.

When you disable a computer, the computer shuts down. To unlock, you need to provide the user password that you created when you activated the Intel Anti-Theft feature.

Found it

Lets you report your device as found.

When you report a device as found, Norton Anti-Theft automatically unlocks the device.

Where is it?

Lets you view the approximate address and the geographical location where you can find your device.

Norton Anti-Theft displays the last 10 locations of your device on a map.


Lets you view the duration from the date on which the geographical location of your device was reported last.

Click here

Lets you update your address.

If the address that Norton Anti-Theft displays is incorrect, you can use the Click here option to update your address.

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About managing devices

Renaming a device

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