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About managing devices

Norton Anti-Theft lets you manage the protection of your device when it is lost or stolen. It lets you track your device location, capture the pictures of the current user of your device using the device camera, and remotely lock your device.

On the Norton Anti-Theft website, you can do the following:

  • Add a device.

  • Rename a device.

  • View the location of the device.

  • Change the location frequency of the device.

  • Update the location of a device.

  • Track the location of a device.

  • Lock a device.

  • Unlock a device.

  • Capture pictures using the device camera.

  • Manage the captured pictures.

  • Remove an added device.

About adding a device

Renaming a device

Changing the location frequency of a device

Updating the location of a device from the Norton Anti-Theft website

Viewing the location of a device

Reporting your device as found

Unlocking a device

Removing a device from Norton Anti-Theft

Using the Norton Support website

Uninstalling the Norton Anti-Theft agent

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