Configure the port scan sensitivity

Port scanner is an application that randomly searches for vulnerable areas of the computers that are connected on a network. When you use the Internet, port scanners might try to infect through the vulnerabilities of your Mac. The Vulnerability Protection feature monitors your Mac for port scans and blocks the connection from unauthorized or unknown computers.

Port scans are also used for legitimate purposes. For example, network administrators perform port scans to find and solve any potential problem in your Mac. You can adjust the sensitivity of Vulnerability Protection against the port scan.

Your Norton product notifies you each time it blocks a port scan. The number of notifications varies based on the sensitivity level that you configure for port scans. For example, if you configure the Most secure option, your Norton product displays more notifications. Norton port scan detection does not work when the built-in Mac OS X firewall is turned on.

Configure the port scan sensitivity

  1. In the Norton product main window, click Advanced.

  2. On the left pane, click Firewall.

  3. In the Vulnerability Protection row, click the settings icon.

  4. In the Vulnerability Protection window, click the Advanced tab.

  5. Under Sensitivity, select any one of the following sensitivity level:

    Most secure

    When you set this level, your Norton product is more sensitive to port scan. It blocks any application from accessing your Mac and notifies you with alerts. You can set this option when you use a public wireless network to provide the maximum protection for your Mac.

    Moderate secure

    When you set this level, your Norton product is moderately sensitive to port scans and blocks any unknown or any unwanted application from accessing your Mac.

    By default, this option is selected.

    Less secure

    When you set this level, your Norton product is less sensitive to port scans and allows applications to access your Mac. However, your Norton product scans all the application that attempts to access your Mac and notifies you about the details of the applications.

  6. Click Done.

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Last modified: 09/01/2017