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I cannot find the Norton Identity Safe Toolbar on my web browser

Norton Toolbar is installed along with a Norton product like Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton Security, Norton Security with Backup, or Norton Identity Safe. However, for some browsers you may have to install the extension from the respective web store. Make sure that you have the latest version of the Norton product installed, and you have the plug-in enabled in your browser. To know your product version, read Finding the name and version of your Norton product.

Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup availability is limited. Read Availability of Norton Security for more information.

You can get the latest version of your Norton product from Norton Update Center if you have an active subscription. If your Norton product is from your service provider, check with your service provider to make sure that you have the latest version.

If you use the standalone version of Norton Identity Safe, you may need to download the latest version from the Norton Identity Safe website.

To enable the Norton Identity Safe Toolbar, select your browser:

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