About the Endpoint Protection advanced window

The Endpoint Protection advanced window acts as a security management interface. The options in this window help you address all the important security and performance issues of your computer. The options are classified in different panes. Each pane contains the important features that you can easily access or configure from this window.

The panes are:

Computer Protection

Provides you the essential computer protection options.

It also contains links to scan your computer, view the history of protection events, and manage quarantined items. You can also view the Norton Insight - Application Ratings window and improve the performance of Endpoint Protection scans.

In addition, you can run LiveUpdate. It also displays the updates availability as to when the last virus definitions were updated.

Network Protection

Provides you the essential network protection options.

It also contains links to the list of vulnerable programs and Network Security Map.

Web Protection

Provides you the essential Web protection options.

It also contains links to managing logins and credit cards.

In addition, you can monitor and manage the computer usage and Internet activities of your child.

The parental control feature is not available in some of the versions of Endpoint Protection.

You can view the different protection features on the right side of the window. You can move your mouse pointer over each feature to view a brief summary about the feature. You can also choose to ignore or monitor the protection status of a feature. You can choose to turn on or turn off the protection features from this window.

About Endpoint Protection main window

Ensuring that protection settings are turned on

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