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Error: "8702,536873115" or "2203" when running backup or restore

This error occurs when the MD5 file signature of a file or a data block does not match with the records on the backup servers. As a result, it causes an out of sync issue and prevents the backup or restore from continuing.

The MD5 process is used by the online backup service to make sure that it has the same starting point each time it runs a backup. A unique signature is tied to each file when it is originally backed up and helps track the changes as they are made. As changes are detected, the selected files are backed up. When that original signature does not match, it results in a syncing issue causing this error.

The file signatures are tracked in a local and server-side backup database file, also called a catalog file since it catalogs the backup history.

If this error occurs over a period of several backups or immediately on restore, please contact Norton Support for assistance.

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DOCID: v57279335_EndUserProfile_en_us
Operating System: Windows
Last modified: 03/19/2018