Configure Signatures settings

Vulnerability Protection uses a frequently updated list of signatures to detect known attacks. You can view the list of signatures in the Signatures list.

You can receive alerts when an access attempt that matches a signature occurs using the Enabled option and the Notify option next to a signature in the Signatures list. By default, all the signatures are enabled and selected for notification.

You must not disable any signatures in the Signatures list. If you disable a signature, Vulnerability Protection feature cannot protect you from the threat that is related to the signature.

You can also enable the Notify me when Vulnerability Protection automatically blocks an attack alerts to receive an alert whenever Vulnerability Protection blocks an attack.

Configure the Signature settings

  1. In the Norton product main window, click Advanced.

  2. On the left pane, click Firewall.

  3. In the Vulnerability Protection row, click the settings icon.

  4. In the Vulnerability Protection window, select the Signatures tab.

  5. Under the Signatures list, disable or enable the required options for any signature.

  6. Click Done.

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Last modified: 09/01/2017