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Configure firewall for an application on Mac

The Application Blocking settings let you configure the firewall rules for the different applications that run on your Mac. Based on these settings, the firewall allows or blocks connections to the Internet from an application.

You cannot specify the firewall settings for applications based on the network to which your Mac is connected. The Application Blocking settings remain the same regardless of the network location. Application Blocking does not let you allow or block connections to a specific IP address.

When an application for which you have not specified Internet access tries to connect to the Internet, Norton product prompts you with a notification dialog. You can choose whether you want the firewall to allow or block the application from accessing the Internet.

In addition to setting Internet access for applications, you can select the following options for the application in the Application Blocking window:

Search icon

Lets you locate an application in the Settings list.

Add application

Lets you add an application and configure the Internet access manually.


Lets you remove a selected application from the Settings list.

Allow applications that are signed by Apple

Lets you automatically allow the applications that are signed by Apple to access the Internet.

Notify me when a blocked application tries to use the Internet

Lets you configure your Norton product to notify you whenever a blocked application attempts to access the Internet.

Log all applications that use the Internet

Lets you keep record of the applications that access the Internet.

This information is viewable in the Security History window.

Reset to defaults

Lets you reset configuration to default level.

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DOCID: v56198021
Operating System: Mac OS X
Last modified: 06/21/2019