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Product activation is a technology that protects users from pirated or counterfeit software. It protects you by limiting the use of a product to those users who have acquired the product legitimately. Product activation requires a product key for each installation of a product. You must activate the product within a limited time period after you install it.

If you are connected to the Internet, the Norton product prompts you to enter your Norton account credentials. You can use your existing Norton account or register for a new Norton account. After signing in to your Norton account, your Norton product is automatically activated and registered to your Norton account.

You cannot access Norton account if you are a Norton Small Business user.

If you are not connected to the Internet, you can close the Subscription window to start your product. The Subscription window is displayed every time you start your product until you activate your product. If you choose not to activate at that time, you receive an alert that reminds you to activate the product. You can also activate your product from the Norton product main window.

If you do not activate the product within the time period that the alert specifies, the product stops working. You can activate it after the time period has elapsed, but you are not protected until you activate the product.

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Last modified: 04/19/2017