Norton Identity Safe Security settings

You can change your Identity Safe password in the Security tab of the Settings window. You can also use this option to set the level of security that you want for Identity Safe password usage.

The following sections let you change the Identity Safe password and set security levels for your password:

Vault Access

You can configure the following security settings to open and close your vault.

Your options are:

  • Ask for my password at the beginning of each login session:

    Prompts you to enter your vault password each time you access Identity Safe.

  • Ask for my password before filling a login or form:

    Prompts for your Identity Safe password with every online form before it autofills any login. You can specify that individual logins require the entry of your Identity Safe password before autofill.

  • Close Vault after <minutes> minutes of inactivity:

    Automatically logs you out of Identity Safe when do not use your Identity Safe for a specified time period. You can set the idle timeout period as 15, 30, or 45 minutes. This option is useful if you are frequently in an area where other people have access to your computer.

  • Close Vault upon sleep:

    Automatically logs you out of Identity Safe when your system is in suspended state.

Vault Password

Lets you change the vault password.

You can use the Change Vault Password to change your vault password and set a new password hint.

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