Automatic Scans settings

Automatic Scans provide enhanced security from the time you start your Mac. This feature ensures better protection by running all the necessary components that are required.

Automatic Scans protect your Mac in the following ways:

  • Scans the files when they are created, copied, or modified.

  • Scans the disks and removable media when they are first accessed by your Mac.

  • Scans all the traffic through Internet to your Mac.

If your Mac is configured with more than one user account, these settings apply to all the user accounts.

You can configure Automatic Scans settings in the Protect My Mac section of the Advanced window. The Automatic Scans settings are:

  • Scan everything

    Scans all the files on your Mac during Automatic Scans.

    Scan everything provides better protection when compared to other type of scans. By default, Scan everything is selected.

  • Scan only these folders

    Lets you specify the folders that you want to be scanned automatically.

  • Don't scan these folders

    Lets you exclude specific folders from Automatic Scans.

  • Scan files in compressed archives (Recommended)

    Lets you enable or disable your Norton product to scan the files within the compressed files available on your Mac. For example, files with .zip or .rar file extension with the maximum size limit of 1 MB.

  • Scan files on external drives when accessed

    Lets you enable or disable your Norton product to scan the files available on an external drive that is connected to your Mac.

  • Reset to Defaults

    Lets you reset configuration to default level.

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Operating System: Mac OS X
Last modified: 09/01/2017