Restore an item from the Quarantine

Some programs rely on other programs that are classified as security risks to function. The program may not function if a particular security file is removed. All of the removed security risks are automatically backed up in a safe location on your Mac. This way, your Norton product lets you restore any file to regain the functionality of a program.

For example, a shareware or freeware program that you download may use adware to keep its price low. In this case, you can allow the security risk program to remain on your computer or restore it from the Quarantine.

Some quarantined items are successfully disinfected after your Norton product rescans them. You can also restore such items.

If you restore an item to a directory other than its original location, it may not function properly. Therefore, it is recommended that you reinstall the program.

Restore an item from the Quarantine

  1. In the Norton product main window, click Advanced.

  2. On the left pane, click Activity.

  3. In the Security History row, click the view icon.

  4. In the Security History window, under Protect my Mac, click Quarantine.

  5. In the quarantined items list, select the item that you want to restore.

  6. Click the Actions icon on the top-left corner, and then click Restore.

  7. Click Done.

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DOCID: v54276523_nsmac_retail_en_us
Operating System: Mac OS X
Last modified: 09/01/2017