Norton product menu

The Norton product menu appears on the top-left corner of the Mac menu bar when you launch the Norton product.

You can use the Norton Security option from the Norton product menu to view the different menu options. You can access the following options from the Norton product menu:

About Norton Security

Displays the general information of your Norton product.

You can view details such as the build number, layout, activation PIN code, endpoint ID, and SKU information.


Lets you access the Mac OS X services settings.

Hide Norton Security

Lets you hide the Norton product application.

Hide others

Lets you hide the other active applications on your Mac.

Show All

Displays all the active programs on your Mac.

This option is available only if you have used the Hide Norton Security option or the Hide Others option.

Uninstall Norton Security

Lets you uninstall the Norton product.

You need to have a user account with administrator privileges to uninstall the Norton product.

Quit Norton Security

Lets you close the Norton product.

You can use the Export option under the File menu to export your network location settings. You can export your network location settings in a .npfx file format. Refer Export the connection blocking settings for a network location.

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DOCID: v54258520_nsmac_sos_en_us
Operating System: Mac OS X
Last modified: 08/03/2017