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About the opt-out trialware

Opt-out trialware is a way to try Norton services before you purchase them. When you place your trialware order, you are asked to submit your credit card or debit card details. Norton does not charge you anything during the trial period. During that time you can install and activate the service and use all the features of the Norton service. If you are satisfied with Norton, you can continue using the service and at the end of the trial period the system automatically extends your protection for a full year.

If you are not completely satisfied with your trial service you can opt-out at any time during the free trial. To opt-out of your trialware, navigate to the Subscriptions page and then move the Automatic Renewal switch to OFF.

If you have been billed for a full year of protection, you must contact your regional/country Customer Support representative and request a refund within 60 days. Once a refund is processed, your Norton subscription time is adjusted accordingly. After you get a refund, your subscription expires and your device becomes unprotected.

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Operating System: Mac OS X, Windows
Last modified: 06/18/2018