Configuring network connection settings on your computer to use Norton ConnectSafe

You can manually configure your computer's network adapter settings to use Norton ConnectSafe as your DNS server. You can choose from the following three predefined content filtering policies:


IP Addresses


Policy 1: Security



Blocks all sites hosting malware, phishing sites, and scam sites.

Policy 2: Security + Pornography



In addition to blocking unsafe sites, this policy also blocks access to sites that contain sexually explicit material.

Policy 3: Security + Pornography + Other



Ideal for families with young children. In addition to blocking unsafe sites and pornography sites, this policy also blocks access to sites that feature mature content, abortion, alcohol, crime, cults, drugs, gambling, hate, sexual orientation, suicide, tobacco, or violence.

Depending on your operating system, follow the steps in one of the following sections:

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Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X
Last modified: 02/15/2016