Manage messages and alerts

Norton displays messages in several ways and in several locations.

You might see messages in the following locations:

Notification area on your Windows desktop

Several types of Norton messages appear in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar. For example, your PC was turned off, or it has not been connected to the Internet for a while. In this case, you see a message that your protection may not be up to date.

A different alert appears if a security setting was turned off. This message warns you that your PC might not be secure and helps you to turn on the setting.

In most cases you can click the alert to open Norton and fix the problems.

Norton main window overall status

Alerts and other messages appear at the middle of the main window. The color of the message indicates its urgency. If the message color is green, your computer is protected. If the message color is orange or red, you must take appropriate action to ensure that you stay protected.

Norton protection categories and details

Norton displays individual status areas for each protection feature, such as Security, Identity, Backup, and Performance. You can use the Fix Now option to fix all the issues that need to be resolved to secure your computer.

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Last modified: 12/13/2016