The Tasks window provides quick access to General Tasks, Backup Tasks, and PC Tuneup Tasks in your Norton product. For example, on the Tasks window, you can run a scan, back up your important files, or run a registry cleanup.

The list of tasks under General Tasks includes the following:

Run Scans

Run Quick Scan, Full System Scan, or custom scan of your PC to check for viruses, threats, or PC clutter

Run LiveUpdate

Run LiveUpdate to check for and to obtain the latest definition updates and program updates

Check Monthly Report

View a summary of activities for a month

Monthly report displays the list of activities that Norton has performed for the last 30 days.

This option may not be available in some Norton products.

Check Security History

View the recent activities that are performed on your computer

Security History displays details such as risk level, status, and date & time of the activities.

Check Network Security Map

Access the Network Security Map window.

Network Security Map helps you view and manage your home network. You can view the details of the devices that are connected to your computer.

The list of tasks under Backup Tasks includes the following:

Manage Backup Sets

Create, modify, or delete backup sets

You can also configure what, where, and when to back up.

Run Backup

Refresh an automatic backup or customize a new one

Restore Files

Retrieve an entire backup or individual file from an existing backup

Buy More Storage

Purchase additional online storage space to back up your data

This option may not be available in some Norton products.

Restore Online Backup via Browser

Install Norton Online Backup to manage your online backups

In addition to the online backup that your Norton product offers you, you can use Norton Online Backup to configure additional online backup storage and restore facilities. You need your Norton account credentials to sign in to Norton Online Backup. You can also restore the files that your Norton product has backed up to the cloud.

This option may not be available in some Norton products.

The list of tasks under PC Tuneup Tasks includes the following:

Run Diagnostic Report

View, save, or print your current diagnostic report

The diagnostic report contains information about hardware, operating system, system resource points, resource utilization, and all the applications that are installed on your computer.

Run Startup Manager

Improve your computer's performance by managing its startup items and enhancing its start time

Run Registry Cleanup

Deletes the inaccurate entries and obsolete entries in the Windows registry that can cause errors

Run Norton Insight

Scans the files that are based on the trust level of the file

Norton Insight makes your Norton product scans lighter, faster, and more effective.

Check Norton Tasks

View and run the list of Norton-specific background jobs that run automatically to protect your computer

You can also view and analyze the effect of your Norton product on the performance of your computer through the CPU graph and the memory graph.

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