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Error: "Invalid Product Key"

The product key you entered is not a valid key to activate your product. Product activation is required to start your subscription and maintain the protection your Norton product provides. Here are some possible solutions to help you get your product activated.

Make sure your key is typed correctly

  • Type your product key again. Be very careful to type it exactly as it appears.

    The product key is located on the activation card or at the back of the CD envelope that the product came in. It has five sets of letter and number combinations. For example:

    • AB12C-EFG3H-4IJ5K-L6MN8-OP9QR

Your product key can only be used in the most recent version of the product

Your key is not valid

  • If you did not purchase your key directly from the Norton Online Store or another trusted source, it is possible the key you were provided is not valid to activate a Norton subscription.

    We recommend that you return the product to the place of purchase for assistance.

Contact Norton Support for further assistance

  • If you purchased directly from the Norton Online Store or other trusted sellers, and none of the steps above solved your problem, contact Norton Support with your proof of purchase for further assistance.

Thank you!

Thank you for using Norton Support.

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Last modified: 12/07/2018