Renewing your Norton Family Premier subscription

You need an active subscription to continue using Norton Family Premier version. When you purchase your subscription, you are enrolled in the Norton Automatic Renewal service. When your subscription is about to expire, Norton Family notifies and renews your subscription automatically. If you choose to opt out of this service, your subscription is not renewed automatically and Norton Family reminds you to renew your subscription. If your subscription expires, your Norton Family account is automatically downgraded to basic version and you cannot use the Premier features.

The RENEW SUBSCRIPTION option is available only if the following conditions are met:

  • The number of days remaining on your current subscription is less than 90 days.

  • You have disabled the auto-renewal option.

If you already purchased a subscription and have a product key, sign in to Norton Family, click the Have a product Key? link, and then type your product key in the text box that appears.

If you do not have a product key, you must do a renewal purchase from the Norton Store. After you complete your purchase, you can sign in to Norton Family to verify the renewal status.

If the renewal status did not change or the subscription renewal did not happen, you can contact customer support to resolve the issue. For more information about the purchase process, click the Help link available at the top-right corner of the Norton Store website.

To renew your Norton Family Premier subscription using Norton Family website

  1. Sign in to Norton Family.

  2. Click Renew Now.

    The Norton Store page opens with Norton Family Premier as the selected product.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase in the Norton Store.

To renew your Norton Family Premier account using Android device

  1. Sign in to Norton Family app in Parent mode.

  2. In the Parent Mode window, tap your profile icon. You can also tap the family icon on the top left of the window and then tap Settings.

  3. In the SETTINGS window, under MY ACCOUNT, tap My Norton subscription.

  4. Tap Renew Now.

Upgrading or activating your Norton Family Premier account

Norton Family Premier features

Viewing your subscription details

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