Norton Family Premier features

Norton Family Premier provides advanced features that help you manage your child's online activities easily. To use the advanced features, you must upgrade your Norton Family basic account to a Premier one. For help in upgrading, read Renew or activate your Norton Family subscription

With Norton Family Premier, you get the following features:

Detailed, Consolidated Reporting

Provides all of the history of your child's Internet activities for the past 30 days.

Location Supervision

Lets you track the location of your child. You get to see the full location address of your kids as long as the device is with them.

Device usage time reporting

Lets you view the summary of your child's device usage.

Shows the amount of time that your child spends on a device on each day and your child's total monthly usage.

Time supervision

Helps you restrict the amount of time that your child spends on a device every day. You can set time limits for each of your children to use the device. This feature is a Premier service only on Android.

Weekly/Monthly Email Reports

Provides an email summary of your child's Internet activities on a weekly or monthly basis.

Advanced Smartphone Supervision1

Lets you access Norton Family, monitor your child's activities, and set House rules from your Android, iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad™ device.

Video Supervision

Monitors the online video activities of the most popular video hosting websites such as Hulu and YouTube. On Android and iOS, video monitoring is only for YouTube.

Lets you view the online videos that your child watched.

App Supervision

Monitors the applications your children install or uninstall on their Android device, including the amount of time they spend on each of their apps.

Message Supervision

Monitors all the messaging between your child and a specific friend. If you find that a friend sends inappropriate messages to your child, you can protect your child by blocking the messaging with that friend.

1Mobile app must be downloaded separately. Most features available only on Android devices, unless otherwise specified for iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone.

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