Blocking your children from sharing their personal information

By default, if your child sends personal information on a secure website, Norton Family does not block or monitor this activity. The URL of a secure website starts with "https" instead of "http". For example, if your child sends personal information on Gmail, Norton Family does not monitor or block this activity. To prevent your child from sharing their personal details on an unsecure website, you must specify those details in their profile settings. This way Norton Family can block any such attempt of your child and then notify you.

You can use Norton Family website or Norton Family parental control for Android to specify and block personal information.

Assigning or reassigning a device for your child

Editing the child's profile

Removing a child from Norton Family

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DOCID: v40471277_NF_Help_en_us
Operating System: Windows, iOS, Android
Last modified: 07/11/2016